Confederate Cemetery

UDC Monument at Confederate Cem.

Many of the Confederate dead buried at Willow Mount have been identified.  A small few have headstones that may or may not be correctly placed above their final resting place. The original wooden headstones were removed in the early 1900’s and replaced with numbered stones.  Over the years the stones have been moved and reset in different locations within the Confederate Cemetery.  This has made it impossible to know exactly where an individual veteran is buried.  In fact, recently, some of the stones had been found outside the Confederate Cemetery in a remote private family plot of Willow Mount Cemetery!  These were taken back to the Confederate Cemetery, with permission of the Willow Mount authorities.

Willow Mount Cemetery main entrance

If you wish to visit Willow Mount, the main entrance is on Lane Parkway near the Colloredo Blvd. and Union/Elm Street (Hiway 41-A) intersection.  Calvary Baptist Church is also next to Willow Mount. The Confederate Cemetery section is located to the right (North side) of Willow Mount bordering Dover St.

Marker at Confederate Cemetery

As you approach the Confederate Cemetery section notice a historical marker facing you. SCV Camp 1620 has procured (through the U.S. Gov’t) this unique marker listing the known veterans of the CSA buried in this cemetery.


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