Previously, on July 30, 2012, this blog, the story of Private Dee Smith Jobe was told. He was a member of the Coleman Scouts that rendered their invaluable services to the Confederacy in enemy occupied Tennessee. His brutal murder by some members of the 115th Ohio Inf. Reg. will live in infamy.  A report from the year 1898 noting information of all the known members of the Coleman Scouts was published in “The Confederate Veteran”. It was entitled:

Career of “Coleman’s” Scouts

“Four of the few surviving members of the celebrated scouts organized by Capt. H. B. Shaw met in Nashville, recently and made the following report:  We, the surviving fellow scouts, have met and from memory, given to the Veteran a list of all who belonged to Shaw’s Scouts:”

Included on the report are:

     H.B. Shaw, Captain, known as “Captain Coleman”, was killed by a steamboat explosion on the Mississippi river after the war.

     John Davis (Brother of Sam Davis), once wounded, had a severe case of typhoid fever, and was honorably discharged. Was killed in the same explosion as Captain Shaw

     Alf H. Douglas, captured twice; escaped once, and was recaptured by Gen. Forrest. Stayed to the end.

     Everard M. Patterson, wounded three times, captured, and escaped from the penitentiary after having been court-martialed and sentenced to be shot.       Was paroled at Kingston, Ga.

     Dee Jobe, captured near Triune and murdered.

     Sam Davis, captured and hanged at Pulaski.

     Thomas M. Joplin, wounded twice, captured once, and was stolen from Nashville by Miss Anne Patterson, now Mrs. Anne Hill, of Nashville.

     Houston English, the negro boy who stole the papers which hung Sam Davis, deserves our highest esteem for what he did for us in saving us from capture.   He went back and forth from Pulaski to Mr. English’s where we were all known. He saved the boys time and again.

“Mr. Cunningham, we, the undersigned, do highly appreciate your efforts to raise a monument to Sam Davis, and will do all we can to help it financially. We have tried to furnish you a complete list of Coleman’s Scouts.

Signed: Alf H. Douglas, E. M. Patterson, William B. Robinson, Tom M. Joplin.”

~This is only a partial list of the names from this report. To see all the names and their information as of 1898, please refer to the Jan. 1898 issue of the Confederate Veteran~

*This report was from the Confederate Veteran, published in Nashville, TN. January, 1898, Vol No. 1, Page 69*