Hey, it has been a very long time since we last posted here. I took so time off and am now back to work. The 24th Miss. Inf. Reg. will be getting a lot of the focus for a little while.

The 24th Miss. Infantry had eleven companies.

Company A — Gaines Warriors (raised in Greene & Perry Counties, MS)

Company B — Mississippi Confederates (raised in Monroe County, MS)

Company C — Dowd Rebels (raised in Chickasaw County, MS)

Company D — Calendonia Rifles (raised in Lowndes County, MS)

Company E — Helen Johnstone  Guards (raised in Madison County, MS)

Company F — Cummings Grays (raised in Marshall County, MS)

Company G — Brierfield Defenders (raised in Warren County, MS)

Company H — Buena Vista Hornets (raised in Chickasaw County, MS)

Company  I — Kemper Rebels (raised in Kemper County, MS)

Company K — Choctaw Rebels (raised in Choctaw County, MS)

Company L — Monroe Rangers, aka the Athens Guard (raised in Monroe County, MS)

(from Dunbar Rowland’s “Military History of Mississippi, 1803-1898”)

Next is a partial list of heroes of the 24th Miss. Infantry who died in Shelbyville, Tennessee (and/or Bedford County, Tennessee)

P. E. Clark, Corporal, Co. A, died 22 March 1863, of Pneumonia

Randolph W. Hill, Private, Co. C, died after 10 April 1863, cause unk

Joe E. Massey, Private, Co. E, died 27 Feb 1863, cause unk

William J. Miller, Private, Co. A, died 16 April 1863, of Pneumonia

A.J.N, Unk, Co. I (?), date of death and cause of death, unk

Wm. B. Rhodes, Private, Co C, died 7 Dec 1862, of Pneumonia

L. Stephens, Private, Co. A, died 25 Feb 1863, of Pneumonia

John D. Turner, Private, Co. A, died 21 March 1863, of Pneumonia