“Early in the war, by executive order and congressional act, the  government of the United States suspended the right of habeas corpus, and authorized military arrest and trial of citizens, even outside  the field of military operations. Under these acts and orders, there  came about a situation well described by the Secretary of State, in a  war-time conversation with Lord Lyons, the British ambassador. Said Mr. Seward, “My Lord, I can touch a bell on my right hand, and  order the arrest of a citizen of Ohio. I can touch a bell again, and  order the imprisonment of a citizen of New York; and no power on  earth, except that of the President, can release them. Can the Queen of England do as much”?                                                                                                                            
Taken From: “The Story of RECONSTRUCTION” by Robert Selph Henry 1st Edition printed in 1938 page 213
The Answer: YES!