* We are now officially linked to the SCV National Headquarters in Elm Springs, Columbia, Tennessee.  As you look up individual camps, scroll to Tennessee, then alpha. to Shelbyville. Camp 1620 that is highlighted. Click on it and you will be routed to this site.

* If you use Facebook, there is a “This Day in Civil War History” event page that is interesting. While in Facebook, search and find it as you would looking for a friend.
* Les Marsh, our camp commander has located the burial site of Major James F. Cummings, C.S.A., who was originally thought to be buried in the Confederate Cemetery section of the Willow Mount Cemetery,  here in Shelbyville.   Major Cummings served the Confederate cause as Chief Commissary under Gen. Braxton Bragg, Gen. E. Kirby Smith, Gen. J.E. Johnson and Gen. J. B. Hood.  More information about Major Cummings and pictures of his marker placement will be made available soon on this website.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Marker for Maj James F. Cummings

Major James F. Cummings marker placement